Sluff: The surface layer is disturbed when a steep line of descent is taken.

Riding Switch: works on paper/ Saas-Fee Artist Residency

All works made during the Saas-Fee Alpine Artist Residency, except RS 8-10 (completed in the UK)

Riding Switch

The performativity of her practice is tied to that of snowboarding, as a 'lived' embodied experience

pushing the blood back into my fingers

This recent series of paintings and works on paper represents a conclusion, and a new beginning. It comes at the end of a three year period when Kate Palmer focused exclusively on drawing.

Now that I can no longer touch you

The project has two components, a series of works on paper ‘now that I can no longer touch you’, and a text piece

everything happens

The title of the show is from the French tout arrive, used by Manet as a letterhead, which in colloquial use conveys the idea: I didn’t think it possible! ‘For me it suggests how by keeping the work moving on in the ordinariness of daily practice - a repeated negotiation between what I want and what the work wants - the extraordinary can happen.’